Christians Overdramatizing the Crucifixion Is Insulting


Christianity has dramatized the crucifixion of Jesus so gratuitously that they actually revere it as if it were the ultimately most conceivable experience of suffering, agony. That he suffered the most unbearably painful death imaginable– and for Christians who promote this idea are simply repugnant and insulting to those countless humans who knew, or right now who know and live a life that involves actual true agony and suffering .

Jesus’ brief time including flagellation, carrying a cross, and hanging on that cross till his death -all took less than half a day-and it was Nothing worse than a pin-prick; It is nothing in comparison to the excruciating life of one South African whom is slowly tortured for years as they slowly rot and waste away wile dying of AIDS.

It was nothing compared to what any Jew endured for three single weeks in a Nazi concentration camp.

Nothing to what a young daughter whom is molested, and raped by her father continuously over years, and who lived alone in secrecy never having told anyone. Who now 30 years later is still living full of shame-as she believes that it all was somehow her fault.

And it is nothing to what any one of us who was by chance of fate born and raised in another country in the world –a place ruled by a ruthless despot, Where people only know living in fear and  are subject to a religious police state- Life is cheap in such places-and where  for writing on such things as I have an Atheist instantly would be taken out to a field by a soldier, forced to dig their own grave, and then simply be shot in the head.

And if Fundamentalist Christians had their way – it would happen here in the United States too. It would happen to the people who disagreed with their prejudices, and they would use the Bible to justify it. And they would  feel good in doing it. And they would know that they were “innocent – and righteous.”

And this mind set of  Fundamentalist absolute certainty – Either Christian or Islamic -is the kind of thinking that lights the fuse of a thousand car bombs.


Suffering in Reality

Suffering like most never can know or even fathom.



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