Fundamentalist Homosexual Hate

In the Minds of Fundamentalist Christians, “Homosexuality can only, and indeed Must be absolutely defined, as being a willfully conscious lifestyle Choice.” They logically can never admit otherwise. They would have to admit they were immoral to call it a sin if so. For if all genetic, hormonal, and neurochemical determinants could be defined as constituting whether one was straight or gay by nature; or Even if a significant percentage of factors were proven – and there is much published evidence to support that- “Homosexuality is innate and NOT just a Choice.” (Scientific American) Then God would therefore necessarily be revealed Unjust towards Homosexuals. God is also thus imperfect – indeed God can only simply be a Bigot. God the Bible and Christianity would all be morally wrong.



2 responses to “Fundamentalist Homosexual Hate

  1. J. Thompson

    The so-called Westboro Baptist Church is not a Christian church. it’s values are not Christian values. The second great commandment – to Love your neighbour as yourself, and the Parable of the Good Samaritan show this. I am gay and I try to follow Christian values. A fundamentalist will take one or two verses of the bible out of context, probably in a poor translation, and twist them for their own ends.

  2. Hi J. I am glad you stopped by.

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