Atheist Documentary

If you have never seen the 3 hour BBC Documentary  “Atheism – A Rough History of Disbelief” you really must watch it. If you can’t spend the time online now  — Feel free to select the “share button” and download these movie for later viewing. Really, It is that good. I think every Atheist should see this series. This series should knock your socks off if you are an Atheist and have a pulse.
This is probably the most well done production I have ever seen  covering all aspects of Atheism. It is what helped to solidify my Atheism personally.
J. Miller is the most erudite  intellectual host. Miller has conversations with Dawkins, Dennet, Weinberg , Boyet and other big name Atheist thinkers. Five stars. If you miss this you miss so much. Make the time. Please.


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