Bullshit Media of Week

We live in a Nation of citizens whom most would actually consider making this Woman a U.S. Senator. I love Our Country but Christian Fundamentalist  dogma-dependent minds, those Evangelical, literal word for word Bible, mindless followers who are not capable of independent thought, not able to learn how to  think for themselves any longer, not able to deliberate, Christians who would not think, much less bother, to consider multiple sources on an issue, and not able to actually question what someone tells them, before forming their own beliefs .

They instead  are ready to eagerly accept what they are told, and accept it as gospel truth, then believe it with absolute certainty –  are a disgrace and I contend also a danger. A danger as they must feel the need to push this ignorant ludicrous blind obedience on all, the people, the congressman, and even the judges. Dangerous as they are actually able to convince and persuade such as the aforementioned. Then are literally putting their theology into our law for all.

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Average America is unforgivably stupid. Christian Fundamentalist who readily accept the fact that “Faith does not use question marks.” Are the proof of this. They are obedient, blissful, and love God and their pastors – Just like cows who will happily accept hay from a rancher, whom they like for this, a Rancher who will however, eventually and casually send them all to the slaughter-house.This is the US average American herd – and the national populous majority.

It is very  hard for me to say “I am proud to be an American” any more. I don’t even want to be associated with these mental drones, who are a blasphemy to everything that science has done for them. and impediment to progress, always have been, and gave us instead the Dark Ages.

Pevear and Volokhonsky translation of The Idiot

I am now ashamed to be an American. Because the herd of average Americans ise stupid, fat, lazy, religious, obsequious, irrational and the laughing-stock of the entire world.


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