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Pope’s new remarks on condoms “very carefully qualified.”

The New York Times 

  • November 20, 2010

    In Rare Cases, Pope Justifies Use of Condoms


    ROME — Pope Benedict XVI has said that condom use can be justified in some cases to help stop the spread of AIDS, the Vatican’s first exception to a long-held policy banning contraceptives. The pope made the statement in interviews on a host of contentious issues with a German journalist, part of an unusual effort to address some of the harshest criticisms of his turbulent papacy.

    The pope’s statement on condoms was extremely limited: he did not approve their use or suggest that the Roman Catholic Church was beginning to back away from its prohibition of birth control. In fact, the one example he cited as a possibly appropriate use was by male prostitutes.

    Still, the statement was something of a milestone for the church and a significant change for Benedict, who faced intense criticism last year when, en route to AIDS-plagued Africa, he said condom use did not help prevent the spread of AIDS, only abstinence and fidelity did. Continue reading


    Pope Adds to Death Count in South Africa

    Today about 6,000 South Africans Will die of AIDS.
    That is more than twice did on 911.

    You can Help with AIDS for 5 dollars.

    I know the founder of the Charity in The Video Below. He is a good man. He uses all donations honestly. He and His Family Moved to Uganda to help the Orphans. If you are looking for a Charity, please consider giving just  5 dollars or maybe even more to the Giving Circle. There are so many Orphans in Uganda. A Catholic Bishop said “Abstinence lowered the rates of deaths from AIDS in the AIDS Pandemic.”

    Pope and Catholic Church – Condoms Make AIDS Worse?

    I am literally without words. This Pope and the Church, in South Africa right now, teaching that Condoms are a sin and Make AIDS WORSE, are guilty of accessory to manslaughter at the very least. I see no way to take ‘the high road” nor any need to respect any Church members who do not openly oppose this act. This is literally teaching death to people, who are only promiscuous, as they are women without husbands- who left them with families-and their only job option to feed their children is to work in the sexual industry service trade.

    This Catholic Bastard has the Hubris and Insolence to say that they should “Govern their sexuality” in South Africa. Also as he points out  condoms apparently (according to him) don’t work in tropical climates. This is sick and unforgivable as far as I am concerned.

    There is not excuse for this. Let the Holy Pope and all  followers who do not oppose this this abhorrent injury to South Africans have their “Hell” and let them burn in it.

    I think the military should take control of this immoral, disinformation, which is a crime against humanity. I can see it in no other way.

    Pope Benedictus XVI
    Values Death, and lies through disinformation,  as the more moral choice as opposed to the “evils” of permitting Condoms.

    Karen Armstrong Religious Scholar “Lecture : Comparative Religions”

    Karen Armstrong is a wonderfully well  read expert on historicity of the Bible Q’uaran, and the Jewish Bible. She is very liberal. Probably a believer, however very professional and not talk of theology. Only a scholar speaking upon what we know what, or hasn’t happened in Christianity or the Other religions. I like her as much as Bart D. Ehrman (PH.d.)

    Karen Armstrong  spent seven years in the Society of the Holy Child Jesus during the 1960s and later wrote a tell-all book, “Through the Narrow Gate” (St. Martin’s Press, 1982) that bemoaned the restrictive life. (The frightened nuns did not know the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 had ended for several weeks; they were not allowed to inquire about the outside world.) Armstrong is still hearing about the book: “Catholics in England hate me. They’ve sent me excrement in the mail.”  Readers who have followed her lately are learning her more optimistic ideas about what Islam, Judaism and Christianity have in common with A History of God (Ballantine, 1993), Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths (Knopf, 1996) and The Battle for God (Knopf, 2000) which all focus on what unites the three great monotheist faiths. Continue reading

    Catholic Church Comes out of Closet

    Catholic Pedophiles

    I applaud the honesty. Now hide your kids.