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Pope Adds to Death Count in South Africa

Today about 6,000 South Africans Will die of AIDS.
That is more than twice did on 911.

You can Help with AIDS for 5 dollars.

I know the founder of the Charity in The Video Below. He is a good man. He uses all donations honestly. He and His Family Moved to Uganda to help the Orphans. If you are looking for a Charity, please consider giving justĀ  5 dollars or maybe even more to the Giving Circle. There are so many Orphans in Uganda. A Catholic Bishop said “Abstinence lowered the rates of deaths from AIDS in the AIDS Pandemic.”


Can Atheists Reason with Christians?

If you are an Atheist… have you grown exasperated trying to reason with a born again Christian? Have you ever been able to reason with them to affect any change? Do you think it is possible?

Subliminal Attempt at Christians' Reasoning Receptivity.

I have been a Christian and now I can think for myself. Before I could not. Can I reason with Christians? Here’s My Reply – In short I think “No”. If you disagree please speak your mind.


Christians Overdramatizing the Crucifixion Is Insulting


Christianity has dramatized the crucifixion of Jesus so gratuitously that they actually revere it as if it were the ultimately most conceivable experience of suffering, agony. That he suffered the most unbearably painful death imaginableā€“ and for Christians who promote this idea are simply repugnant and insulting to those countless humans who knew, or right now who know and live a life that involves actual true agony and suffering .

Jesus’ brief time including flagellation, carrying a cross, and hanging on that cross till his death -all took less than half a day-and it was Nothing worse than a pin-prick; It is nothing in comparison to the excruciating life of one South African whom is slowly tortured for years as they slowly rot and waste away wile dying of AIDS. Continue reading