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Dan Dennett: Ideas on Religion and Evolution

An interesting proposal to require all children in America to be educated objectively on all world religions and their histories. So as to not indoctrinate children without parents biases at an age when they cannot think for themselves.
Also discussions on Intelligent Design, Morality without Religion as a Evolutionary Biological Phenomenon.
A respectful disagreement with Creationism and how it teaches people to think (not think for themselves).


Harvard University: Evolution of Religion

Harvard University Primate Research Specialist Marc Hauser Ph.D. Contributes to the Paper. Is Religion a cultural control, based on human creation, or does it have a biological evolutionary aspect that is enhanced through cultural variation to create an “evolutionary by product” of a natural group species instinctive behavioral system.

Evolution of Religion

Pope Adds to Death Count in South Africa

Today about 6,000 South Africans Will die of AIDS.
That is more than twice did on 911.

You can Help with AIDS for 5 dollars.

I know the founder of the Charity in The Video Below. He is a good man. He uses all donations honestly. He and His Family Moved to Uganda to help the Orphans. If you are looking for a Charity, please consider giving justĀ  5 dollars or maybe even more to the Giving Circle. There are so many Orphans in Uganda. A Catholic Bishop said “Abstinence lowered the rates of deaths from AIDS in the AIDS Pandemic.”

Beginnings of Human Morality in Primate Group Behavior?

Click For : PDF Paper: Origins of Human Morality

This is an outstanding Overview of the Work of Evolutionary Biology and Precursory Moral behaviors. The Contention is thought provoking and supported by Natural Selection favoring Evolutionary Shaped Cooperative Behaviors among primates and surely our hunting and gathering ancestors. The tendency is towards solidarity within Small Groups and not larger mass groups. This would explain why we have the phenomenon in humans of “In group” opposing “Out groups.” It shows Trans primate species parallels to a base human moral core behavior. Behaviors shaped for cohesive Group Survival which would increase the individual’s chances for survival. It is not everyone for themselves necessarily in survival of the fittest.

This Paper’s Implications

  • Why Utilitarianism is probably an idealistic but unachievable Goal. We have evolved to help others as our ancestors of hunters and gatherers must have acted towards others “morally”. Continue reading