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Pope and Catholic Church – Condoms Make AIDS Worse?

I am literally without words. This Pope and the Church, in South Africa right now, teaching that Condoms are a sin and Make AIDS WORSE, are guilty of accessory to manslaughter at the very least. I see no way to take ‘the high road” nor any need to respect any Church members who do not openly oppose this act. This is literally teaching death to people, who are only promiscuous, as they are women without husbands- who left them with families-and their only job option to feed their children is to work in the sexual industry service trade.

This Catholic Bastard has the Hubris and Insolence to say that they should “Govern their sexuality” in South Africa. Also as he points out  condoms apparently (according to him) don’t work in tropical climates. This is sick and unforgivable as far as I am concerned.

There is not excuse for this. Let the Holy Pope and all  followers who do not oppose this this abhorrent injury to South Africans have their “Hell” and let them burn in it.

I think the military should take control of this immoral, disinformation, which is a crime against humanity. I can see it in no other way.

Pope Benedictus XVI
Values Death, and lies through disinformation,  as the more moral choice as opposed to the “evils” of permitting Condoms.