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Christians say Science in Classroom. ” Too Hard.”

Christians for Child Education (CFE) in Houston, Texas today, formally lobbied against Science being taught in the classroom, on the basis that it is too hard. The CFE condemns Science as challenging, blasphemousness, and immorally lacks necessary faith based suppositions. The CFE insists that faith is much easier to “simply know” and proclaim with absolute certainty. The CFE attempted to draw upon Science nomenclature, claiming that pure uncomplicated faith is called for by “Ockmed’s Blazer,” and that Science needlessly over complicates learning and hypotheses.

Christian Child

“It [Science] is nothing more but the secular, liberal, abortion hungry, Atheist, blasphemy machine of Socialism, and so called Ph.D.’s offensively calling for rigidly, unholy empirical testing, which demands data to support a theory with evidence,” roared CFE spokesman Stanley ChristianPinkerton, as he furiously pounded his fist on the podium at a “Separation of Church and Reading” Rally this morning, to the overwhelming applause of over 1,000 slack jawed, dead eyed, Bible Belt, Born again Yokels.

Christian Surveys across the Evangelical Churches spectrum showed that 92% of Christians want to abolish Science, which makes learning an inconvenient, wicked, over complicated nuisance that corrupts the soul and simply leaves Christian children confused. The remaining 8% polled could not read the survey, but said they are on God’s side of this issue.

God, a major figure in Christianity was not answering prayers for comments.

Would you rather have Science or go to Heaven?


Pope Adds to Death Count in South Africa

Today about 6,000 South Africans Will die of AIDS.
That is more than twice did on 911.

You can Help with AIDS for 5 dollars.

I know the founder of the Charity in The Video Below. He is a good man. He uses all donations honestly. He and His Family Moved to Uganda to help the Orphans. If you are looking for a Charity, please consider giving just  5 dollars or maybe even more to the Giving Circle. There are so many Orphans in Uganda. A Catholic Bishop said “Abstinence lowered the rates of deaths from AIDS in the AIDS Pandemic.”

Catholic Church Comes out of Closet

Catholic Pedophiles

I applaud the honesty. Now hide your kids.

Can Atheists Reason with Christians?

If you are an Atheist… have you grown exasperated trying to reason with a born again Christian? Have you ever been able to reason with them to affect any change? Do you think it is possible?

Subliminal Attempt at Christians' Reasoning Receptivity.

I have been a Christian and now I can think for myself. Before I could not. Can I reason with Christians? Here’s My Reply – In short I think “No”. If you disagree please speak your mind.


Apocalypse Update

jesus is late

Dear Christians Brothers and Sisters. The Apocalypse and triumphant return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is all going according to Divine Plan.However, The Second Coming of Our Lord and Personal Savior Jesus Christ and the sold out performance of “The Battle of Armageddon” have both been delayed, once again. I know everyone is eager for the Big Event, so this is understandably disappointing. However we are all used to this by now so there is no need to get irritated if you are a ticket holder. We just need to stay patient.

Everyone should just go about your normal day but don’t ever stop constantly being hyper-vigilant and watching the skies for his certain and immediate glorious second coming.  Jesus is probably on his way at this moment.  Remember Anything is possible – with faith and with God.

Remember that faith does not use question marks. So by “Faith” I mean mindless, unquestioning, total acceptance, and stubbornly maintaining this belief despite all evidence to the contrary.

And by “God” I mean absolutely nothing – nothing at all. Once again though, don’t think, just know it emotionally. That is all the proof that you need, regardless of what so called “formal logic” or wily Scientists may say about “experimental design.” Continue reading