The Atheist (A Novel)

Sample chapters from the fiction novel “The Atheist.”Please be aware that all works herein are protected by U.S. copyright 2009 and are thereby subject to protection as proscribed by law.

The Atheist is a fictional novel about a grown man who is now an adult and who is now a proud atheist. He is seen as he looks back upon his abysmally wretched life in detailed accounts. He is a boy who grew up in a harsh Religious Environment and the damage and mental pain he suffers as a result of it is devastating.


The Novel is a question, and a metaphor, for the Philosophical “Problem of Evil”. For as the boy grows up and the years pass, he suffers so many devastating hardships and tragedies that one must ask the question stated by the “Problem of Evil: ” If God is by nature, all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful; Then God certainly would stop the suffering by nature of these three characteristics (omniscience, omni-benevolence, and omnipotence.) If God did not stop them then he wonders if God exists, if so why allow this suffering to befall him? In fact why even call such a creator “God” in light of human suffering? Suffering is that which we all must endure in life. Some people much more so than others. Yes everyone suffers.

This boy described in his childhood is seen in the Church, then suffering later from bullies in the school yard, a victim later to mental illness, physical long term diseases, anger and dismay, rebellion, small tangles with the law, profound alcohol and drug addiction, and the metaphorical death of every joy and the loss of all significant persons that he has in his life over the decades. Note that all of these things preceded the Atheism, not vice versa. This is not due to a “lack of God” it is the abandonment of God, and then the killing of this “God”
It is a story of an angry Atheist, persecuted, blamed for his inherited substance abuse problems, medical disorders, and hated by Christians, judged and blamed for having them. It is his “lack of character” that makes it “his fault” they think.

He is made to be treated like all Atheists- as a pariah. All the while his internal dialog comments on and questions the church and shows him as he has insights that lead him slowly towards a fully fledged pure Atheism.

It is a story of suffering, and sorrow, and pain. Yet it is the ultimate triumph that he cannot be crushed, he cannot be repressed once he learns to think for himself. He will not be silence, but will question and challenge the past religious dogma. The absence of God did not cause his problems; the absence of God is what ultimately lifts him out of the despair and it is a positive, empowering thing.

He finds true pride and honor in himself for the first time in his life. He realizes himself a worthy human being, significant, and just as valid as any other person.

In the end he realizes that it doesn’t really matter at all what other people think of him – all that matters is what he thinks of himself.

He regains a long lost sense of worth, and true pride. It is not a life that he would have chosen. Yet if he had it to do all over again -He would – If only to learn and become enlightened to his Atheism despite all the pain. He is a survivor. He is stronger than “God” and he effectively has killed him. God is in the end is dead.

He had always been told God was something that existed separate from the material universe. That is where God existed?

  • But what is outside of everything? Nothing;
  • And where is nothing? Nowhere;
  • Where is God? He never was; so is God Dead?

God is much less than dead. He is non-existent; not just pure blackness, not just a vacuum, Go is absolutely nothing. It is hard for the mind to even conceive a state of nonexistence. God never was. He had just believed that God existed. Now he sees the Universe; Nothing else. And the Universe is Glorious. The bumbling Christian notion could not begin to even comprehend something so perfect.

Protected by U.S. copyright 2009


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